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Wife asked me to get some wine and cheese. So I picked up some velveeta and a damaged box of franzia
New final warning! Typing these words will result in an instant ban!
I’m safe, back in Boston after reaching out to Yefim Shubentzov of the mazl’tov mafia movement!
I'll be taking the LSAT on June 12 to apply for law school. Then I get revenge
Hi komeradez. I recently spoke with our leader about the all caps thing. If they continue...
Happy Jew years day from the Mazltov mafia, to all you goyim scumb
This is it faggots. The Jewish mazltov mafia finally accepted my application. Board is shutting down
Thinking about deleting the Lara Logan thread... you have 12 hours, convince me why I shouldn't
You guys need to stop posting the same shit, day in/out! I'm fucking serious, and I have your IPs
Me: happily growing marijuana legally in my basement. Yuo= bottle of popov and bottle of Xanax