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Friday: Pilot nearly lands jumbo on SFO taxiway with 4 loaded jumbo jets. Story and ATC audio
MLB.TV is only $10 for the rest of the year (not per month!) - on sale for the next few hours
Now they are making emoticons of me on the shitboard (pic)
Better watch out. Das But is on a ban spree. Even I got a four hour ban!
Here's a link that still works for the other board. Hans uses it as a backup
XTC was my favorite band in college. I met Andy Partridge in 1999 and had my photo taken with him
MLB Baseball now using new tech to create a Matrix "Bullet Time" videos of pitchers and batters
In college, I worked in a factory with a guy who was an Olympic gold medaler in track
I believe in quantum immortality. I am fairly confident that most of my timelines ended in 2013/2014
Nice: British baggers are losing their majority