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Reminder: NFL starts early this morning (right now at Wembly). Streamed for free by Yahoo (link)
Shlomo over on CI must be "fixing" something again
LOL-49ers-Rams shitshow tickets were selling for "the price of two stadium pretzels" on Stubhub($14)
Fucking Coors field: Rockies beating Padres 16-0
Saw a billboard on my way into work this morning. I approve of the message
LOL - the Giants- Doyers game is about to start at 10:50pm PST. Climate Change rain delay
France calls it likes it sees it - says Texas is full of racists
New Trump political ad compares him favorably to powerful leaders in world history
I was just listening to Art of Noise "Close to the Edit" and it is perfectly in sync with this GIF!!
Attention baggers in that shithole state Texas: Do NOT listen to fake news. There is no hurricane