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I am going to hang this sign on my door for Halloween. I suggest you do the same
Fuck Cable TV: MLB wants to put playoff baseball on cable only. Here's a link to Cubs-Dodgers
MLB is putting most of the playoffs on Cable TV only. Fuck 'em. Here's a link to tonights Yanks game
Beck fans: This weekend popup stores for his new album "Colors": Brooklyn, Seattle, Chicago, LA
I used to eat Nonshim Kim Chi Ramen. Now I eat Nonshim Spicy Chicken ramen with fried Spam
Mike Pence's political stunt cost tax payers at least $200k. Drain that swamp indeed
Today's Editorial Cartoon
I can't believe that noone posted this, but pud married that Kari chick a month ago
This is the psycho candidate baggers think is qualified to be a US senator
Reminder: NFL starts early this morning (right now at Wembly). Streamed for free by Yahoo (link)