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Back in San Francisco, feeling the 65 degree sea air come into my Window, listening to the fog horns
Sad news, folks. The real magbas has died
Board administrative policy update: Racist IPs are silently reported to the ISP, NCAACP, and Antifa
Twitter worker eats burrito in the Mission then walks to 14th and Minna, forgets baggie for teef
Remember when KAC humiliated Stevbe in the Washington Post in front of millions of readers?
Nice job, baggers. You elected an idiot. I thought Dan Quayle was bad
I have not had a drink in 32 fucking months. Here are all the benefits I have noticed:
Welcome F196ers! Here's some tips for using this board & some racist emotes to make you feel at home
So many autists begged for "moar emoticons", so here is the first new one in 10 years :bump2:
Gonts: Stroll into your living room, see this. What do?