Topic: Most any "wacko tinfoil hat conspiracy theory" more rational than "official" timeline narrative
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200 rounds fired & guard takes his sweet time getting help ?

That sound reasonable to you ? I'd be screaming on the phone for IMMEDIATE armed aid. 

Emphasizing IMMEDIATE ....

And how in the world could the cops spend a week saying he arrived after shooting ?


most any "wacko tinfoil hat conspiracy theory" is more rational than the "official" timeline narrative 

(which may be something new anytime now)

And about the "Rouse" "coincidence" 

There is more to the "Rouse coincidence" than Podesta's daughter and the Vegas FBI chief sharing the name Rouse.
Additional to the "coincidence" is former Obama Chief of Staff (as was John Podesta) Pete Rouse.

A little search work reveals Pete Rouse is an uber savy political hack. He’s highly respected by other big shot political hacks. 
Pete Rouse is a master at keeping a low profile. Being noticed as little as possible. 
But, when he speaks, such as Obama pay attention. Pete Rouse was instrumental in getting Obama term off to a good (from their POV) start.

I searched in vain for a citing of Pete Rouse family. His Wiki page "Personal Life" section ONLY says: 
"Rouse was born and raised in Connecticut. He is unmarried and has an interest in Maine ***** cats"

Probably Pete Rouse WAS married. Likely to have had a child or two. 
But information about his "Personal life" is missing from net as if it had been scrubbed (which I think is the case).

No doubt Pete Rouse and John Podesta were more than just well acquainted. 
Last pic of Megan with Gordon Rouse I could find was taken in 2013. People sometimes get divorced and remarried. 
Spouses sometimes die. Which can give reason for remarriage. Gordon and Aaron Rouse may be related. 

MSMedia is fully capable of presenting a false picture of someone's family life.
As shown by MSM keeping Obama and Mike's family life "secrets" for over a decade.

So, though I cannot prove it ... and may never be able to prove it, 

I believe in Aaron Rouse there is an Pete Rouse-John Podesta connection that Pete and John have gone to lengths to keep hidden.

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You’re right. The theory about the Pope nuking NYC makes so much sense now.

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. said: You’re right. The theory about the Pope nuking NYC makes so much sense now.

THE JWP needs meds.

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