Topic: Why pissy fags shouldn't be allowed on Yelp
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He has aids, right?

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more idiots using Yelp:

NASHUA — A local health club is suing a former member who posted a negative Yelp review online,

alleging defamation and seeking $750,000 in damages.

Gateway Hills Health Club at 100 Innovative Way claims it was defamed last fall by Michael Abdinoor
of 9 Carlene Drive when he wrote about issues he was having with the club’s billing practices.

In Hillsborough County Superior Court filings on behalf of the club, Matt Dispensa says Abdinoor
acted in bad faith when he “intentionally posted false, defamatory and slanderous statements” on Yelp.

Gateway Hills wants the post removed and $750,000 in damages, plus legal expenses, court costs and
filing fees, say court documents.

Abdinoor says he did nothing wrong, and that the club failed to resolve a billing disagreement.

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