Topic: Why they tryna ban TikTok?
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GabeStromsCheddar said:
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Fuck Spanky and Shitpig.

Seriously, Why do you post about them every day? it’s not funny anymore. Just keep it confined to your own posts. Don’t invade other posts with your tired unfunny shit.

Your as bad as the Gruntled weirdo.

Why not answer the question? Are you Spankie’s gay lover? A close relative of the Sh1tpig? Why the white knight act 24/7?

I don’t white knight for them. Fuck then. I criticize you for polluting the board with the same lame unfunny shit everyday. You can’t even keep it confined to your own OCD threads.

Now answer my question: why do you post about Spanky etc, every day?


Living in the past?

We need to know

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Our company used to deal a lot with Huawei and do business in the States, UK and Canada.

We still do. Just a bit of window dressing and it was business as usual.

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