Topic: They're already talking about being in a recession on SkyNews, australia or wherever.
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But we're not in one here yet I guess.

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I think we're heading into something far different than a normal recession.

For the last two decades, the 'think tanks' have been talking about "Bifurcation" -- the shrinking of the middle class, and the growth of the upper / lower classes. 

In America, we've been used to having 10% upper class, 80% middle class, and 10% lower class.  The new order will be 15% upper class, 45% middle class, and 40% lower class.

Sales of luxury vehicles are rising.  Sales of dollar store ramen are rising.  The middle class is shrinking.

Raise your children wisely, and hope for the best.

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north america is going to unite into super tranny to save the world

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