Topic: Glocks do discharge on their own!
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So I just got back from a road trip for work. I was driving for a couple of hours and saw a gun shop up ahead. I figured I needed a break so I stopped in and took a look around.

I was pleasantly surprised by their inventory and prices. They had a fair of 1911's and they seemed well priced to me. As I was browsing the grey haired man behind the counter asked if I was interested in any of the 45's. I said I am always interested in 1911's so he showed me a colt 80 series and a SA GI model. Then I mentioned something about glocks.

The salesman showed me a 26 and then compared it to the XD equivalent. He then told me how much better a XD was and I simply listened. I make my mind up on people by listening to what they say. The salesman tells me that he is retired LE and that glocks shoot well, but they have no safeties. He then informs me that he has seen duty glocks fire all by themselves.

I was informed by so called retired LEO that glocks go off all the time by themselves. He even told me that you don't hear about it because glock settles out of court and the settlement calls for all parties to never mention what happened.

I then inquire as to what department he retired from and he tells me corrections. Corrections don't typically carry guns. At this point I thank him for his time and tell him I would need to consider possibly purchasing the colt or the SA. I will never go back there and I don't appreciate the BS.

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Had an extremely dangerous and scary experience today.. I cant even describe how upset I am over this. Do not know how to completely explain how this just happened but here goes.

I came home from my daily errands today. I have my CCW and carry on a daily basis. Well after I walk into the house and put groceries etc down, I take my NEW G23 gen 4 in the holster off of my belt, and set it down on my kitchen I sent it down THE PISTOL FIRES!! Right into my living room wall!!! I truly do not know how it was even able to?! MY finger was no where near the trigger...It was in a Serpa Holster so I was totally unable to pull the trigger even if I wanted too!! I did not throw the [email protected]%$ pistol down hard onto the table or anything....I literally set it down like I always do... Thank God the GF wasnt home, the bullet did not go through the outer wall of my home, and myself nor neighbors were injured or worse....

I am just completely in shock over this..I have never in my life had this happen, I wouldnt think it was remotely possible... especially with a Glock(and I have owned many glocks as well as other pistols over the past 10 years now with no AD/ND or anything ever) I have since put the now unloaded pistol in its case and I am going to be calling Glock tomorrow morning....

Does anyone know how this is possible?! Or have they had this happen before?! I truly am just shocked and amazed over this. I checked the Glocks function and it seemed normal, the ejected casing had a normal firing pin strike on the primer (obviously since the pistol fired, but I wanted to make sure the round somehow didnt fire of its own accord)

I just truly do not trust this weapon at all now and am just very upset and didnt know where else to put this.

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Did you buy the gun new, or used? If used, have you ever detail stripped both the frame and slide? I ask this because, in order for a Glock to fire by itself, there would need to be at least two simultaneous major mechanical failures. Now, if some kitchen table gunsmith monkeyed with or removed some key components, that could be a problem. Otherwise, it's the holster or something in the holster.

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Weird copy pasta :boring:

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