Topic: A prison rape can go on for days in “the covered wagon”. Till victims assholes literally gush blood
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Homosexuality is very frowned upon in prison. In the 70s, the black gang leaders got away with it with black trannies but those days are gone.

Black on white or white on black rape never happens in prison. The gangs and racial agreements have an agreement on that stuff. 

If anything, in a intra-racial beating, you might get sodomized by a broom stick or something. 

If you are gay, you generally are going to PC, where you might get CONSENTUAL GAY SEX there. 

Youth prisons are the worst. By a mile.

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Damn shame what they done to that dawg 

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. said: Spanky is thinking about getting a DUI just to 'test the waters' as it were.

What could go wrong??

­They don't make cells big enough for :spanky:

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