Topic: Guntards, is this JP Enterprises JP5 worf it?
Posted by Premium Paper Punche

Compared to its contemporaries such as the MP5 and MPX, the JP5 is notably lighter recoiling.  The recoil impulse is much softer than the MP5 being both gentler and easier to rapid-fire accurately with.  

The SIG MPX has a similar but sharper recoil impulse that makes it slightly more difficult to perform rapid double and triple taps on targets at medium distances.  

Setting up a plate rack at 50 yards clearing it was noticeably easier and faster with the JP5.  I found that the impulse of the MPX tended to throw my aim off more than the JP and leave me slightly off-target whereas the JP sat in place and never really moved.


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Roller delayed blowback is a cool design.  Seems harder to clean/more complex, but in that newer rifle maybe they've got it dialed in.

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You can buy 10 Hi Point 995 carbines for that price

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