Topic: I'm so dad! My black neighbors just pulled up with a Uhaul trailer.
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I don't want new neighbors! :cry:

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I think one of my neighbors Air BNB'd her place out to a group of them. Among the things that have happened in the past year is waking up to some sort of crazy, howling voodoo chanting and seeing the condo across the way on fire. Suddenly, there are those rental scooters dumped off. Not in front of the place they are renting, but a couple doors down. (Wow! They had me fooled! :rolleyes:) Also, there was suddenly an outbreak of dog shit everywhere. Of course, that group had the obligatory Pit Bull in tow. We are a quiet, cleanly complex and the shit outbreak drove one of my neighbors insane. He taped up posters to every tree, pointing out the shit. :lol:­

All in all, I would not recommend them as neighbors.

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