Topic: Steps to ensure your safety if you live in Seattle
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Murder rates have increased dramatically due to policies of democrat city and county councils. Violent and property crime is out of control and is about to get worse due to wide scale firing of unvaccinated police officers.

Steps you can take to protect you and your families:

1) Avoid downtown and south Seattle. This where the majority of shootings are occurring
2) Apply for concealed carry permit and purchase a handgun
3)If you must go downtown or close in neighborhoods like Lower Queen Anne, Ballard or Fremont, , be aware of surroundings and ready to defend yourself. Keep your gun hand unencumbered
4) IF you are uncomfortable with CC, purchase a handgun in order to defend yourself against home invasion robbery. Purchase a fingerprint gun safe if you have children. Take an active protection and handgun course and practice shooting at gun range to maintain proficiency

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People vote for them.

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. said: People vote for them.

­Are you absolutely sure about that? :hmmm:

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