Topic: Just came within about two inches of spending several years in jail.
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I was dropping two of my kids off at school--something my parents did only in the most grudging possible way, but that is neither here nor there, I suppose.

There is a policeman directing traffic to let cars in and out of the school.  I am in the lane that can go right or straight.

He stops the other three directions of traffic and motions me forward. 

He then looks over his shoulder--away from me--and walks briskly in front of my car, the whole time looking away.  I had already pulled nearly to where he was when he started this.  To drive straight, you have to go within about a yard of the police position, so if he wanted to step in front of you, it'd be no problem at all.

I think it's fairly obvious that this twat was new or something, and wasn't aware of the "go right OR ***STRAIGHT***" aspect of the lane.

I slam on the brakes so close to him that I think it must have brushed him.

He whirls around, clearly surprised that he is in the path of a car he had just waved forward but gets out of the way.

I drive away.

Had I tapped the accelerator even one gram harder, this jackoff would have been hit.

I've got a dashcam in the car but ordered another one for my second car.

We all know how this would have gone in court had I hit him.

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dashcam can be pretty cheap insurance

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. said: dashcam can be pretty cheap insurance

­About $150 with redundant SD cards, as it turns out.

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