Topic: Any of you tards order groceries for pick-up or delivery from Walmart?
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Try to use their new website/web app do do so now. They "updated" everything and now everything is broken. :lol:

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Luckily I don't live in SHITHOLE USA, so no.  I haven't.  Also, if I did live in SHITHOLE USA I wouldn't shop at fucking Walmart :rolleyes:  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Don't they have Kroger where you live :shrug:  Or ANY other fucking supermarkets other than Walmart?  Hell, Walmart bought Asda (a real low rent, shitheap supermarket brand) in the UK.  And I've NEVER shopped there on general fucking principle i.e. that I HATE AND DETEST WALMART, AND THE SCUM, EXCREMENT WALTON FAMILY OF DISGUSTING, DEMONIC FILTH!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111
Without prejudice

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If you can't get groceries, you're GenY cancelled.

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