Topic: Klaus Schwab's mother's maiden name was allegedly ROTHSCHILD. No rex.
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"Marianne Schwab, née Rothschild: “I always feel a little homesick for Bad Homburg”

Marianne was born in Frankfurt in 1919. She grew up in the town of Bad Homburg, where her father, Louis Rothschild, managed a bank. The family lived right downtown at Louisenstraße. Unlike Fred Schwab’s family, the Rothschilds, were very religious and active members of the Jewish congregation. Marianne first attended the girl’s high school (Lyzeum) in Bad Homburg (today Humboldtschule). Later, she began an apprenticeship as a kinesitherapist."

IF true, and here is the source:

Then NOW it fucking makes sense!


Jesus H FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111
Without prejudice

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What a pile of rubbish.


"Allegedly, WP is secretly in love with Klaus Schwab's big bald head and wants him to shove it up his ass."

"Oooooooh, head fuck my prolapsed anus Klaus, make my rhoids bleed."
Without Prejudice

Posted by OneDot

Holy fuck, this makes sense. This is one of those things that is shocking, but you almost expect news that is insane, and shocking lately after everything so far. Lately reality is like an outrageous horror movie. Like I would be talking about a fucked up dream like “yeah I was having this dream that the global elites were telling everyone that there was this killer virus on the loose, and so
Everything started getting all NWO everywhere, and they locked down the whole world like some 1984 type shit but for real. Then they had fucking Bill Gates on TV like a doctor or some shit saying he wanted to vaccinate the entire world, and if we went along with it, all the NWO weird restrictions would ease up. However, the vaccine wasn’t your normal vaccine, oh no no no, this shit was something never used on humans before, some different technology that would actually change your DNA, and slowly turn you into a like basically, like a zombie, and that’s if it didn’t just out and out kill you first because a bunch of people were dying from it, but like the news was acting like it was super rare that it would do anything bad to someone. Sooner or later people started to realize that this shit was bad news, but by then the damage had been done. So many people took the shot that the elites now have a zombie army they can activate to attack the people who didn’t take the shot. To top it all off the elites had a club basically called the World Economic Forum, or WEF where they would get together and plot against humanity. The leader of the whole thing was this guy that they said was a meek, mild mannered man who taught college classes, and wrote books and shit. The internet said this guy had a net worth of only 1.1 million dollars, but in reality his financial resources were limitless, and he actually a member of one of the richest families on earth, a family with a stranglehold over banking and the media, and this guy would sit around with his buddies and get off on how they were gonna kill all of us off. IDK, it’s hard to really describe it all in words as dreams are so abstract you know.

Fuck, what a horrible dream, you know, it seemed so real.

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