Topic: Intel, Under Pressure to Rethink Its Business, Ousts Its Chief Executive
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don't put accountants in charge of technology companies

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel, a semiconductor pioneer, on Wednesday ousted its chief executive, Robert Swan, as the company faces pressure from an activist investor and grapples with the loss of leadership in producing ultrafast chips.

The Silicon Valley giant said Mr. Swan, a finance specialist who has been chief executive since January 2019, will be replaced in mid-February by Patrick Gelsinger, a former chip designer and 30-year Intel veteran who has led software maker VMware since 2012.

Intel’s board moved to end Mr. Swan’s tenure as the company grapples with the fallout from manufacturing problems that have ceded its longtime technology lead to production services offered by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Samsung Electronics. Factory innovations that pack more tiny transistors on each square of silicon allow computer chips to do more at a lower cost.

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Intel is finally waking up

They’ll need a couple of years to catch up

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