Topic: I am almost 41 years old. My political affiliations inside
Posted by sean.nli

oh yeah and I like to drink a lot of water. Some huge muscle bound bitch decided to give me free workout lessons. She said eat tons of green shit and drink a gallon of water a day. I thought at that moment were I to betray her, she'd bounce into my limbic lucid dreams and rape my cock. I couldn't have that. So I obeyed her and have been drinking a gallon of water a day since

Posted by sean.nli

. said:
It sounds like you don't understand what "American exceptionalism" means.  American exceptionalism is the opposite of isolationism.  American exceptionalism is saying that USA has been giving an exceptional role in the world to be an imperialist power and world's policeman.

Adopting a non-interventionist foreign policy like Switzerland would be the opposite of American exceptionalism.

Mascara is probably right. She is an expert on political stuff and I am not. I obsess over code and I am not good at that either, but at least I get paid for it.

For me American Exceptionalism means mickey mouse and lily white gloves. Shaking fists with pursed lips at the nazis. Making injuns look like savages on howdy doody.

I'm kidding. Kind of ran out of things to say since you guys ruined my schtick you ingrates

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