Topic: Any updates on that home in Illinois that's in foreclosure?
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He does not own anything. 

She is wealthy. 

He dad was a vaudeville promoter and booker. 

Her brother Donnie is a wealthy concert promoter

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Too many carbons being thrown off

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Have they replaced / upgraded the suspension on the F-150 yet? Maybe invested in F-rated tires?

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. said: Subject: * CN/CP Interchange

First Name: * lori
Middle Name:
Last Name: * kronberg
Address: * 113 ruzich dr
City: * Bartlett
State: * IL
Zip Code: * 60103-60103
Email Address: * [email protected]
Group/Affiliation: Ye Olde Shitpigge Crafts and Knitting

Due to the CONSTANT stream of trains and the stress associated with living next to these busy tracks, my husband and I have put on more than 100 pounds each.  My doctor says that based on our inactivity and the amount of food we eat, we should have put on more than 300 pounds each, so you can imagine the negative effect this situation is having on our health.

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