Topic: How do you start hiding assets a couple of years ahead of divorce?
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. said: Need a story for how you "lost" 100k or whatever the amount you convert to gold, or hide, may be.


Rooms are cheap in Vegas and most gambling towns right now.  You went to WIN BIG so you'd have enough money to break free.  But, the house took it.

It happens.

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Invest in a good hit man.

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Generally the golden rules are:

1. Diversify assets; the less concentration you have the better.
2. Make it hard for the creditors to trace your assets (i.e. go out of state).

These 4 strategies will generally cover you for amounts less than 1 to 2 million (i.e. not enough juice in there to get forensics type auditors in):

1. South Dakota trust - cheap and almost as strong as Cook Islands etc, but very cheap + safer.
2. DBS Treasuries bank-account, traceable - but very difficult to subpoena.
3. Buy classic vehicles out of state and put in storage.
4. Gold coins; small volume, untraceable and easy to liquidate.

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