Topic: What's up with Jordan Capri?
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It was a mistake, honest! I just fell onto a lot of dicks by accident, I swear! I'm just clumsy, stop judging me!

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Her YouTube videos are a mess... Wow. 

I rarely advocate for hot chicks to find a sugar daddy, but Lori should have done that back in '03. 
Killer personality + Killer body = MILF. 

Now.. begging for dollars and going MIA constantly. Sad..

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Drugs suck. Jordan/Lori could have made the jump into something personality-driven. There's far less attractive morons who lack the personality who successfully did it. Watching videos of her where she actually talks in 2003-04 and comparing them to the last set of vids she did for Lightspeed are like night and day. The smile is gone, the personality is gone. It looks like opioid abuse. She appears to have righted the ship at some point, but who knows.. What a tragedy.

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Why didn't Steve Lightspeed ever release outtakes or candids of Jordan? Could have been an easy way to generate new revenue. 
Especially since it's obvious there's interest in Jordan...but only as she existed 2003-2005.

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