Topic: Bought my first stock this morning. Lost $4 by the end of the day.
Posted by Katalyst
Agent Provocateur

Your odds are probably better playing slots at Casino Rama.

Posted by death2me
No uterus, no opinion!

. said: Stock market is fucking throwing dice unless you got over 1 million

The conventional wisdom here is that one is safe to put money in there and leave it for 40 years and it is guaranteed to increase.

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ecoli said:

4 bucks? Fuck, that's a California Recycle Fee!!


Hear in gawgia we dump it on the side of the highway. fuck thems recycle fees.

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. said:
You know how to make a small fortune in the stock market? Start with a large one.

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We're currently in the roaring 20s.  Next stop, great depression 2.0.

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