Topic: I think I'm starting to like this new world we live in.
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- Old farts and frail people dying is just an accelerated natural process.
- Plenty of people online to play video games with.
- No more stupid debates like transgender restrooms.
- I have more free time to fap.
- Everybody's paranoid. Not really anything positive to it other than the fact that it's fucking hilarious.
- Overall, it's pretty cool in a twisted way to be a living witness of the end of something ( globalism ) and the beginning of something else ( apocalypse ).

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Apocalypse, i like that word.

It mean to reveal, revealing.

Everything that was hidden from us is going to come out now.

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just give us UBI, and make this lockdown permanent.

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Went to the store today, was far less crowded than usual, which was really nice. Usually the aisles are crowded with stockers stocking shelves, grocery-getters gathering customers orders for curbside pickup and shoppers themselves getting their goods.

Only a few brave souls out today and everyone was trying to keep their distance from each other instead of standing together in clusters blocking aisles every time they saw someone they recognized and wanted to catchup with.

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. said: just give us UBI, and make this lockdown permanent.

Darn commies.

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