Topic: In romania they have coffins with refrigerator built in to keep corpse cool during the wake
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Notice about 5:30 mark. The coffin has a special glass lid on top, which has special box near the part of the end of coffin where feet go. I assume its some sort of refrigeration unit for cooling air. Maybe filtering odors, etc.. Later they removed the coffin and i noticed that they were wiping the face of the corpse. I guess dew moisture started accumulating on the face.

Another thing that is interesting is the style of these female gypsies. It's as if they are tribe of native americans. Those long braids resembling the braids worn by orthodox male borats. Another strange oddity is the dress style. Usually the gypsies wear all kinds of clothes seemingly random. But there are quite a few of those "orthodox" gypsies wearing brightly yellow, red, striped, type sweaters. As if it's some sort of "thing". This is just one part video out of 7 parts. So entire footage of the funeral is like 9 hours long.

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i vant to suck your blood

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