Topic: Coronavirus: The media and the WHO and the UN and the governments are all lying about the virus
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It's airborne.

They know it.

I can prove it.

For a virus or other micro-organism to aerosolize it must be smaller than 5 microns in diameter.

The 2019 coronavirus is 50-200 NANOMETERS in diameter. that 0.05-0.2 microns in diameter.

The WHO is telling healthcare workers to get masks that can filter less than 0.3 microns.

This virus is airborne and the media, the government, the WHO, the UN are all lying.

I'll leave you to ponder why they are lying.

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The virus is spreading via fecal plumes. I heard a guy in China infected his entire apartment because he had diarrhea. That's a biowarfare. Very disturbing. It appears to be a extremely contagious.

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fecal plumes!


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