Topic: It would be better to just accept racism than let jews use our survival instincts against us
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Fuck it, I'm a racist, NOW WHAT, JEWS! :served:

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don't use the language of the enemy.  Racism has no good meaning for useful dialogue

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well i would like to survive.  the thought of letting absolute pure stupid evil crush the earth is so horrifying I think i would die to stop it but

the younger generation is so happy, i just think there is hope they can just forget history and create this awesome new world, where everything is forgiven.  like the Jubilee

i mean, i know how some people think, they'll kill a whole room full of innocent people just to get the nazi, the one guy they hate.

the jews said, 'let's crucify Jesus, so we don't all die, we'll give the anti semites a sacrifice'.  that's what the bible says, 'let this one man die lest Rome destroy us all'

that's what they do from time to time, they have the big fake execution of Rosenbergs, or Harvey Weinstein, or Epstein or soros but it's ALWAYS a jew who broke the picket line and was being too nice to the gentiles

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