Topic: Why pay for porn?
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Serious question.

I never paid for my porn. Internet has plenty of free porn all over the fucking place. I don't even know if there's a limit to the porn that's available on internet. It's like the universe, it's ever-expanding and no one can see the end of it.

Why do people buy porn? Why do they subscribe to porn sites, spend hundreds of dollars on camwhores and Twitch thots?

Are they secretly funding the porn industry so that I can enjoy it for free? Am I unknowingly God almighty? Did I create this world for my own carnal pleasure?

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Some guys find an actress they really like and want the full videos. The clips you see on tube sites are basically previews of the full videos. 

Some guys just like giving money to pretty girls. The ones who are on social media make huge money just making a lonely Trev feel like she notices him every once in a while. Older incels like :crazygeorge:­ have more money than they know what to do with and will kick $5000 a camgirls way if she says his name in the chat during a cam show :lol:

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Not everyone is poor.

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For main stream stuff, your exactly right. I’d never pay for anything brazzers or whatever. There’s a bunch of niche porn sluts that have their own thing going. If your paying, that’s who your money should be going to.

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Given that you can pay $40-100 to actually FUCK a solid 6 to 8/10 attractive woman in many parts of the world, while both of you have a good safe time (as I have experienced :anon:), no man should pay for porn. Ever.­ Go on vacation and live out your fantasies.

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Katalyst said: Not everyone is poor.

Is that to imply that you and your wife have a semi-open relationship? :confused:

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If its good and you like it and want to see more then its a good idea to buy it. Also applies to literature, music and maybe movies to a lesser extent.

If you're a sad, poor loser about to have their life upended by spending $20 needlessly and you are simply too stupid to understand that compensating content creators will assure future additional content then :lol:

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