Topic: I was at a work function watching TV when a Shriner's commercial came on the tube.
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My coworker said, "Man, you can't help those fucked up little kids.  Fucking scam."

Cold shit.

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The elites have turned everyone into liars, hypocrites, cowards, or criminals.

Obeying the law is easy when only murder and theft is illegal, but no one respects the law when everything is illegal.

Everyone has a breaking point.

Americans might support a decree that requires everyone to get a tattoo, but why is this the government's business?

What do you do if cohabitation is illegal, but married couples are taxed at a higher rate?

Why get a driver license when you must give the government your fingerprints?

The constitution protects the right to own a gun, but what if guns are illegal?

What do you do if you don't want insurance, but you are legally required to buy insurance?

What do you do if watering your lawn is illegal, but not watering your grass is also a crime?

Why obey the law if the government doesn't?

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