Topic: If you think aliens have visited earth and anally probed humans, you're a hopeless dipshit
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. said: Hey, space cadet.  Take your meds.

can you give me a suppository?

I want you to push it in with your teeth while I blow a fart that whips your hair back.

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Listen up I myself was probed they took a stool sample and used it to power some sort of strange device.

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. said: Aliens probably exist.  Some probably even have spaceflight.  But NONE have the ability to travel faster than light to visit other stars.  We will never encounter aliens unless we find organisms in our own solar system.

Jewish science.

Tesla proved faster-than-light travel is possible.

The speed of light isn't as fast as scientists say.

The other stars are closer than scientists say.

­The notion that the speed of light is a speed limit is derived from the notion of time dilation due to increased speed. The specifics are from the Lorentz Transformation which has the following as the denominator: (1-v^2/c^2)^0.5 which means the faster you travel (v) the closer this denominator gets to 0. Of course we couldn't have that so it's thought of as a speed limit.

The problem with this is that this equation is a "fudge factor" that really illustrates that if you travel faster then light takes longer to register on an oscillating timekeeping device. In other words, there is no time dilation. There is only a longer distance for the light to travel to make a "tick" to mark time.

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