Topic: Complaint about the goods you delivered.
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Good day! 

Dear seller, now I'm mailing you second time already! I wrote you first msg about a seven days ago, however I have not yet had any kind of answer! I am very outraged by this type of negligence about your consumers! 

The issue is in following: about a 4 weeks ago I have made a large order in your web store for 155.76$. I have sent a deposit payment on the same day, acquired a tracking number, was waiting for my order for a very long time, and what was in fact the actual result? 
What actually did you send to your client? I obtained the parcel nearly a couple of weeks ago, and it is not understandable at all! Every, completely every sent item fails to meet the demanded goods! I bet you're kidding me? I expected exactly items that I have bought, not this garbage! For that reason, I failed a significant program! I want you to solve my complaint asap and then make total cashback of cash paid for this order! I am certainly not interested in the exchange and re-expulsion of my parcel! The following are all purchase documents, a list of goods, transaction receipt and delivery provider docs:

Looking forward for your answer in the shortest possible time frame! If not, I'm going to start a legal action against your "superb" shop! I 100% do not want to have any business with your store in future.

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Timmy Hernandez up to his old tricks again.

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