Topic: Jon Stewart blasts Congress over 9/11 funding hearing: 'Drove me nuts' there were empty seats
Posted by Jon Lebowitz D-NJ

Jon Stewart called on lawmakers to back up their words with actions on the 9/11 victims' compensation fund and help American heroes who are still suffering today.

Stewart made the comments in an interview Tuesday on "Shepard Smith Reporting," telling host Shepard Smith 9/11 first responders and victims should be viewed as a priority beyond tweets and well-wishes.

"That drove me nuts," the comedian said after being asked by Smith about the empty seats he saw on the Hill. "They kept saying it's a 'sub-subcommittee'. There's still people on the sub-subcommittee that aren't here.

"Either 9/11 was a priority or it wasn't. But, your deeds have to at some point match your tweets and your words. Today it didn't.

"No amount of money is going to end the suffering and the grieving that these men and women have to endure. But they can stop making it worse. They can stop adding uncertainty and stress and financial hardship to the lives of these folks."

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9/11 is the new Holohoax.

Never forget 9/11!  Over three gorillion were killed!  Give us more money!

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