Topic: Man Charged With Pulling New York City Subway’s Brakes. Guess The Race.
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New York City police have arrested a Brooklyn man in connection with a rash of subway delays caused by the unauthorized braking of trains, officials said Friday.

Isaiah Thompson, 23, of Brooklyn, was taken into custody in lower Manhattan just after midnight Friday morning and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing, police said.

Police allege Mr. Thompson pulled the emergency brake on a northbound 2 train during the evening rush hour on Tuesday, causing delays for thousands of commuters.

Speaking with reporters at police headquarters in Manhattan on Friday, NYPD Inspector Brian McGee said Mr. Thompson has been arrested 17 times, including seven times for train surfing, or riding on the back of subway cars.

“One of the motives that we’ve seen is that he likes to do this, he likes to cause havoc,” Mr. McGee said.

“I think this man, Mr. Thompson, is a perfect candidate for permanent expulsion from the transit system,” he added.

Police said they believe Mr. Thompson is responsible for multiple unauthorized braking incidents, but their investigation is ongoing.

Mr. Thompson is also charged with reckless endangerment, public lewdness and criminal trespass in connection with a May 16 incident in which he allegedly stood outside the rear portion of a northbound B train as it was in motion and exposed himself to passengers on the platform of the Eighth Avenue and West 14th Street subway station.

NYPD and Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials have been probing a string of incidents involving people pulling the brakes on moving subway cars, endangering riders and causing delays.

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Do we need to guess the ethnicity of Mr. Thompson?

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Throw him under a train!


. said: Throw him under a train!

­De Blasio probably will make him deputy mayor for transit affairs.

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