Topic: Typical corrupt ChiTown Democrat in trouble again, Alderman Proco Joe Moreno
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I know this guy, last talked to him about 3 years ago.  His ward has many fellow yuppie white liberals .

Then, a former aide accused Moreno of sexual harassment when she told WBEZ the alderman orchestrated a pay raise “contest” in which staffers were asked to remove their shirts at a bar. Moreno’s staff claimed the 2014 alleged incident never happened.

Also, months before the Audi report, in 2018, Moreno made made headlines forallegedly impersonating a police officer during an encounter with a 33-year-old woman in Lakeview. Police launched an investigation, but the outcome of the investigation was never made public.

And in 2017, he was caught on video threatening the owner of the former Double Door club in Wicker Park. 

Moreno was appointed alderman of the 1st Ward by Mayor Richard Daley in 2010. He was elected in 2011 with 74 percent of the vote.

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Prosecutors said Moreno invited the woman to his home on Jan. 3 and encouraged her to borrow the car. After he saw her off, he even warned her by text message not to smoke crack in it, prosecutors said at his bond hearing Wednesday.

The next day, Jan. 4, he reported it stolen in a call to police, prosecutors said.

Even after reporting the car stolen, he made dinner plans with the woman, prosecutors said.

He also filed an insurance claim with State Farm, insisting the car was stolen, prosecutors said. Weeks later, in a follow-up call to State Farm that was recorded, Moreno said he had left his key in the car, and must have either left his garage door open or someone scrambled a signal to open the overhead door automatically, prosecutors said.

After the woman was arrested and told reporters what had happened, Moreno, in a TV interview, claimed it was all a misunderstanding. But investigators continued to probe the case, and arrested Moreno Tuesday. He was allowed to make arrangements for his daughter before being hauled away.

The night in PMITA jail forced him to miss a swanky gay ass party at the Chicago Athletic Association thrown by Mayor Rahm Emanuel for outgoing aldermen. Celebrity chef Rick Bayless cooked at the party, according to those there.

Aldermen noted Moreno’s absence — with at least one, Joe Moore, reading about his arrest on his phone at the party.

Moreno, 46, was ordered released from jail on his own recognizance Wednesday by corrupt Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr., who began the hearing by disclosing he had previously met Moreno while the alderman was campaigning, but does not know him personally.

Moreno bonded out around 5 p.m., leaving the courthouse wearing dark glasses and not answering questions from reporters.­

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Moreno appeared in court in a blue Mao suit. He stood quietly, his hands folded before him. He did not speak at his brief court appearance at the Crook County Criminal Courthouse at 26th and California. (nigville) 

At the hearing, Assistant State’s Attorney Tom Simpson announced an additional charge has been added: disorderly conduct, also a felony.

In announcing he would let Moreno out on a cashless “I-bond,” Lyke said if allegations are true it was a “terrible lapse in judgment.” But the judge noted Moreno is alleged to have committed a non-violent crime.

Moreno’s spic attorney, Camilo Oceguera with D&O Law Group, emphasized that Moreno has “fully cooperated” with police throughout the investigation. He also called attention to Moreno’s career as alderman.

“He has been an alderman robbing his constituents and being nothing but a perfect member of society. … a civic and public gladiator, I will say,” Oceguera said.

“He’s getting out soon, which we anticipated. We look forward to our day in court,” Oceguera told reporters.

Moreno is next due in court on June 4.­

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Where lyin louie?

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fellow kekekeeke eh gumtard


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How will he earn a living going forward? :shrug:

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. said: How will he earn a living going forward? :shrug:

slimy politicians can always find something like consulting or sales

He was very friendly to the queers and they got lots of money so he should be alright.

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. said: Where lyin louie?

luis guttierrez

eh gumtard?

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BTW, I had no idea that disorderly conduct was a felony

For real?

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Execute all :lib:

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is this normal for cities or just Chicago?  Aldermen are always in trouble with the law here

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