Topic: My favorite eBay coin dealer, Ufomechanix, takes no bull from Nimrods
Posted by PowerBuyer

Your want a description?Here’s your description:
I’m selling coins and currency to serious buyers who want good deals and don’t need to be coddled the entire way.If that’s you, join the fun.If not, just keep on looking elsewhere because you’re not worth by trouble.   

Q. “Is this coin (Insert precious metal here)”

A.You figure it out.If you don’t know what you are looking at, do some research.
Q.Do You Combine Shipping?
A.Can’t you read? 

Q. I bought this my mistake, can you cancel?
A.I’ll go ahead and start that unpaid item case for you
Q.I’d like to return a TPG (PCGS, NGC, ANACS, PMG) certified item
A.Welcome to my BBL List and various other industry blacklists of my choosing (There are FEW exceptions, I have encountered misattributions on more obscure coins that significantly affect value more frequently.That’s legitimate)
Q. Why are you so mean?

A. Because a person really develops some think skin after years of putting up with nonsense.I provide Numismatic items at no reserve, with plenty of bargain opportunities, I expect buyers to put forth some effort in taking the time to research the items they are buying.This is a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun.99.999% of folks have that figured out.You can to.
Q.I’d like to return this item because of a genuine issue (Wrong item sent, it happens, nobody’s perfect.There are other real reasons)
A.Go ahead and initiate a return using the returns center, you will receive a label at our cost and be refunded upon receipt AND Inspection.
Q. I’d like to return an item for a frivolous reason (I already had one, my dog/cat/toddler placed an absentee bid).

A.You’d be surprised how many dogs/cats/toddler’s know how to login, search for items that their parents routinely buy, and go through the four step process of placing a bid.You’d be really surprised how many dogs/cats/toddlers seem to know the exact market price of a coin for that matter.Just cut the baloney. Expect a few unkind words if I think your story don’t hold water.

Posted by AlphaNumismatist

also, his replies to negative feedback are comedy gold

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This guy is too stupid to put a space after a period. Low IQ.

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I’ll stick to Scottsdale bullion

Posted by HeTakesNoSht

AlphaNumismatist said: also, his replies to negative feedback are comedy gold

Your little extortion scheme didn't work. Get ready to eat it big time...big boy
I'm glad you agree. You fit right in with all the other morons who can't read.

Very Bad Buyer, can't do math. I can't fix your stupidity either

Another Quality buyer who can't do math or read or pay on time for that matter

Pathetic actually. Just like your ability to function in life.

You also never paid and were blocked under another username. Piece of trash

says brass token in the title, its a well known type.did u expect gold for $12?

Posted by YuoMoron


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. said: This guy is too stupid to put a space after a period. Low IQ.

­Fatass? :LOL:

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