Topic: NZ quake may have revealed Israeli spy ring
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(CBS/AP) WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A New Zealand newspaper group is reporting that the deadly February 22nd earthquake in Christchurch unearthed a suspected Israeli spy ring.

Three Israelis died in the quake that killed 181 people. Other Israelis escaped the quake.

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All Izrealis are spies!

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borats are not jews. i remember reading interesting story about prime minister renting the real estate while in the office. half of the house was occupied by some strange folks operating some strange equipment.. You know like that movie "fight club". What is strangest part is that house belongs to some shitbag with lithuanian name. I remember reading that book about mossad and how author claimed how those operatives love using canadian passports. See what happened to canada? It's similar story nowadays with "lithuanian" passports. But they are not Mossad. Not CIA. Not MI6. You know all those agencies that you think are state security agencies is just representation of the thing once it is in a state that is"united". You know they are like indirect rule office overseeing penal colony by the way of two way mirror deception.

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