Topic: Israel is Carpet Bombing Gaza RIGHT NOW in response to the missile attack on Tel Aviv earlier
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Israeli war planes launched a series of airstrikes early Friday, hitting back at targets across the Gaza Strip hours after two
rockets were fired at Tel Aviv for the first time since the 2014 war. Israel didn’t wait long at all before ordering a retaliatory
strike against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, as the IDF unleashed blistering airstrikes on terror cells along the Gaza border.
Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai urged the public to remain calm, but added that public bomb shelters would be opened shortly.
All emergency response organizations in the Tel Aviv area increased their alertness following the incident.
Palestinian media reported that Hamas was evacuating military posts in Gaza in preparation for the Israeli
response to the rockets. It also reported that the Egyptian delegation had left Gaza quickly after being
instructed to evacuate by the IDF. There was no confirmation of the unsourced reports.

FROM THE TIMES OF ISRAEL: The strikes came after an urgent late night consultation between Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense chiefs in Tel Aviv.  “Decisions were taken,” an Israeli official said
without elaborating. Army Radio reported that a decision was made to hit dozens of targets.

Shortly after the strikes began the IDF issued a statement saying the “Hamas terror group carried
out the rocket fire.” Hamas has denied it was behind the move. Hamas-linked Al-Aqsa TV reported that
Israeli aircraft fired two missiles at a target in the new port west of Khan Younis.
It said that the aircraft then returned and attacked the same site 4 more times and that bombardment is continuing...  Developing  (Via Drudgereport)

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bloodthirsty Khazars

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Let's see if there are attacks at jewish/zionist targets inside the USA tomorrow in retaliation for Gaza and the Mosque shooting in NZ ??

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Good.  Kill all Muzzies.   My boys in New Zealand gave you the best kind of start, 60 dead muzzies worth, and you sure as hell won't stop them now. So let's get going. There's no other choice. God willing, we will prevail in peace and freedom from fear and in true health through the purity and essence of our natural fluids. God bless you all.

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