Topic: My friend is getting me get a job at a fancy restaurant
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It's Brillo, some fancy ass place. Looks fun, lotta hot young chicks around my age, my buddy used to work at macys and got shitcanned like me :lol:

I just did the paper application, so hopefully I get a call back and I have a job once again, so I'll won't be much of a useless millenial. 

Who knows, maybe I'll find a cute chick to date? Preg? Anal? :shrug:

Whats your life so far in 2019?

PS: I originally went to the casino to find weed roaches on the floor, then my buddy just walked by. Also gonna snort some dilaudid :rockon: Happy Birfday Changoolaal :wave:

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Thank you so much! You wishing me makes me feel so good, you have no idea!

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