Topic: How accurate is the depiction of boot camp in Full Metal Jacket?
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­Not necessarily. Dropouts were embarrassing for drill instructors and platoon commanders. They’d have sent him to Motivation (a punishment section) and/or the fat farm (for weight loss and conditioning) before giving up and washing him out. I saw guys more fucked up than Pyle make it through USMC boot camp while I was there.

Exactly. They mentally tore you down to where there was nothing left of you and then built you back up to be a man. It was a good system, worked well, made men out of sissies, and why fewer soldiers returned from duty with mental issues in those days. The military today is a joke compared to the old days. How the good soldiers of today survive their enlistment given the idiots they have to serve with is beyond me.

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For teh reacharounds?

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