Topic: Congress makes sure its pensions are fully funded & lavish.
Posted by Quence
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A study found that while the average American’s net worth increased 3.7% per year between 2004-2012, members of Congress averaged 15.4% annual gains.

Each retired member can start collecting a pension at age 62 if they’ve spent just five years in Congress.

And they’ll collect 80% of their $174,000 annual salary. That’s almost $140,000 a year, for the rest of their lives… for five years of service.

While Congress’ pension is secured by your tax dollars, only 13% of regular Americans have pensions today. And even if you were promised one, collecting it is another story...

And they get gold-plated healthcare that covers them for LIFE.

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Congress’ approval ratings are something like 12%. Gee, I wonder why? :hmmm:

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