Topic: American mother drowns her twin baby boys in a motel
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Police arrested a mother on suspicion of drowning her twin 10-month-old sons whose bodies were found Thursday in a motel in central California.

Heather Langdon was taken into custody a day after police officers helped arrange for her and her children to spend the night in the motel after she was told she could no longer remain at a women's shelter in Tulare because she was causing a disturbance.
Tulare police Sgt. Jon Hamlin said officers had no previous contact with the 37-year-old Langdon and would have called for mental health assistance if they believed she was a danger to herself or the children.

He said the officers didn't want to leave without finding shelter for them on the cold, rainy night, so they found a nonprofit agency willing to pay for the motel room.

Sergeant Jon Hamlin of the Tulare Police Department said dispatch then received a 911 call around 7:45am. The caller said that two infants had drowned. 
 First responders arrived at the Virginia Motor Lodge Motel, where the family had been staying, and immediately began efforts to revive the babies. They were then rushed to the hospital but soon pronounced dead.
After questioning Langdon and obtaining a search warrant for the motel room, police placed her under arrest. 
Investigators haven't yet identified the victims' father.

Pic of the mother:

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