Topic: Kill ALL Νiggers
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The time is here with all the thunder in the sky
the hate of a thousand warriors WAR CRY!
Muds run in fear after what they've done
knowing fucking well they'll never see the sun

ALL RESISTANCE pushed aside
HATEFULLY we destructively stride
AVENGING a thousand years of our pain
HIGH UP ON THE STREET POLES the trash will hang

Hallowed cries everything's DIRT BLACK!
all the blood we've given we're gladly taking back
The true king of our nation sits high upon his throne
in our land of glory forever our new home

ALL THE GENERATIONS and blood that has passed
FOREVER AND ALWAYS we are free at last
ETERNALLY RID of the zionist persuasion
Bestowed in our hearts RACE AND NATION!

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Don't kill all of them. I need a nice young tight one to stick my dick in.

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