Topic: Why is the Modern Western world still using the date of Jeebus Birffday as it's official date?
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­Are you a dolphin?


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I think just because it's convention. Everything is already running on this date, so why not. 

For example, it would be much easier to abolish daylight savings time in the US but that ain't happening either.

­It's the same reason why we stick with the stupid 12 month calendar that we use instead of using the far more sensible 13 month calendar where every month has exactly 28 days (4 weeks) instead of one month having 28 days and all the other months being either 30 or 31 days.

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Another example of the stupidity of our current calendar is the names of the months in no way reflect their position in the sequence that they occur in - September means the "Seventh month", October means "Eighth month", November means "Ninth month" and December means "Tenth month" - which means the sequence of our months is 2 months out of whack, due to two months being added to the original 10 month Roman calendar back in Roman times.


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magbas.nli said: 2014 years since the mythical Jeebus was born.

Why not use the year since civilization started.
So the year should be 12014

we educated folks use

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