Topic: Wellbutrin
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Avoid it. :nono:

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:rolleyes:  I've read lots of reviews for it and the only complaints were from a couple dpressed people but I was prescribed it for weight loss & smoking cessation. It got alot of really great reviews on

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. said: It's suppose to help me quit smoking.. I'm not depressed :shrug:  I've never taken drugs, I'n scurred.

­It has a reputation of being quite good at doing that. (I wasn't using tobacco products at the time.)

Likely worth it then.

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Mascara said: A girl I worked with took Wellbutrin and said she felt buzzed all the time, like she had drank a lot of coffee.  It's apparently pretty activating.  She apparently was taking the Sustained Release or XL or something; once she got on the plain Wellbutrin she felt better.

­It did make me horny and buzzed.

(It counteracted the boner-depleting effects of Celexa.)

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