Topic: Yo Tarrant County Friend
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I'll give you $500 cash if you spend three days with me at Omni downtown hotel. I just want someone to hang out with. I want to do the following activities:

1. Spend 3-4 hours at the Dallas World Aquarium

2. Spend a full day morning till evening at the Dallas Zoo

3. Spend a full day at Six Flags over Texas including attending Fright Fest at night

4. Eat at RJ's Mexican Cuisine 

5. Eat at Spaghetti Warehouse

6. Eat at Kalachandji's vegetarian buffet

I'll pay for all entry fees, transportation, and meal & beverage expenses. 


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Willya’ cumb?

Posted by .Pablo Peach

Me servicing Richie's cock now for internship! Me a one cock kind of guy!!


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. said: Willya’ cumb?

No. I'm not attracted to men.

Posted by .Pablo Gruntled Homo


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It's up to you homeboy. If you want to enjoy a 3 days all expenses paid vacation plus a cool 500 dollars in cash, you know what you have to do :a2m:

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