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. said:
Akins said:
­Many people with Aspergers have a compulsion to take things apart.

Your Ham Radio hobby is another indicator.

Obviously, your understanding of psychology and mental disorders is very limited.  I'd say you're much closer to being an Aspie than most.  You're self-centeredness is a very good indicator.

A third core deficit of ASD is within the domain of restrictive and/or repetitive behaviors. This can include a preoccupation with a narrow interest (i.e., trains, vacuums, dinosaurs) that is unusually intense, a strong adherence to routines and rituals (i.e., can be quite rigid, insistence on sameness), difficulties with transitions and change, and/or a preoccupation with parts of objects (i.e., like to take things apart, rather than play with it as a whole).


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"G'day all, I'm Felix (vk4fuq). I've been licensed with vk4fuq since November 1985. My general interests in Amateur Radio are home brew antennas (especially wire dipole/inverted V antennas and full wave loops), audio, talking and thinking. I am an 'Aspie' (Aspergers Syndrome), which gives me an 'interesting' personality with characteristic honesty and directness.  Unfortunately I am often on the receiving end of unjustified Aspergers discrimination from many Amateur Radio Operators and other 'neurotypicals' ( so called 'normal' people), which is sad."



Another Aspie Hamtard:

Some information about Garry:

I was born in Brisbane, Australia in August 1972 and was diagnosed by Dr Tony Attwood as having Asperger Syndrome in July 1998.....When I was younger I had an interest in radios both shortwave and medium wave.  At one stage I was even considering obtaining a Amateur Radio Licence so that I could be a Ham Radio Operator.

Yet another Aspie Hamtard:

I Am a Survivor

By Mark Morris Goodman

"Turned out I was utterly incapable of doing electronic engineering, where, like school, everything became a jumble. The field held no meaning for me whatever—notwithstanding my constructing long-range FM broadcast receivers as a hobby, as well as making my own TV station from parts scrounged from discarded radios and TV’s and a discarded iconoscope. I also put together a high-power ham radio station from scratch in the days before single-sideband."

And here's another one:


Phillip Childs

Autism Advocate/Blogger
Lawrenceville, GeorgiaIndividual & Family Services
Adult autism Advocate,
Phillip The Geek,
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
Amateur Radio

May 2010 – Present (4 years 8 months)Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
Amateur Radio Operator, ARES member

:wtf: is up with all these fucking Aspies and Ham radio?

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Twitter fury as Channel 4 launch controversial series which brands disabled people 'undateable'

The first episode, which airs next Tuesday, introduces Richard, 37, an amateur radio enthusiast. As he reveals he has Asperger's, the audience also learns he hasn't been on a date for 20 years. He describes it as being like a radio that is "slightly off-tune."

The Undateables starts on Tuesday April 3 on Channel 4 at 9pm.

A Channel 4 clip showing Richard can be seen at:


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