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Ben Martinez said:
. said: How is the pay when you work for yourself?

It's a service that has peaks and valleys.  It all depends on the kind of client I have and the repeat orders.  Sometimes I'm so booked that I recruit friends for help and other times when I watch a lot of TV.
But it's a good trade for me.  I've always worked better alone than in a factory.
The highest pay comes from the signage for hospitals and hotels.

So its nuff to get by, but not to retire?

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So its nuff to get by, but not to retire?

It all goes to the type of clients that you have.  I've paid off my house and raised my kids all from what I earned here in my garage.  Now that those are out of the way, I'm basically working for myself again.  
Yeah, you can retire at it but you gotta get those well paying accounts.

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What about helf insurance?

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. said: What about helf insurance?

­medical gringo pays for everything in calmexico!

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