Topic: Welcome to THE FUTURE! What you find in a Shopping Center in the year 2040
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Bob's cranium implant emporium - Brain jacks done cheap! Infection free or your credits back.

Inside Job - Organ Transplants at affordable prices. Special today on Livers! Reserve your spot in our nearly 100% sterile robot surgical ward

Zee's Vape Hut and Narcotic Dispensary - Crack! Now on sale! Opioid pumps implanted and serviced here!

Sally's Anal Bleaching - Mother's Day special! Going fast!

Dr. Zappers Instant Tattoo Removal - Try our Gen Y special - Neck tattoos removed cheap.

McApple Store - Free Phones with every burger and fries (sign up for $1000 a month plan required)

WAL-MAZON Store and Grocery - Black Friday special! A bag of cloned peaches with every purchase of a DolbyVision Goggle Set. (Implant connection cost not included)

Googlebook Office of Information - Update your government required social records here. Deadline for group 235334 approaching fast! Beat the lines for new barcode tattoos!

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You forgot to write it in spanish!

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Will there be a Liberalcaust Museum?

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A Delorean Dealership

Blockbuster Video (streaming and downloads are now outlawed). Video rentals start at 50 bucks an hour.

Fye Records and Tapes (CDs and MP3s are now outlawed)

Jimmys House of Insulin

Amber’s Real Doll and Fleshlight repair

Sammy’s anal piercing and digital tattoo

Toys R Us (now sells ADHD drugs instead of toys)

Chick-fil-A (cloned chicken made in vats and served by droids)

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