Topic: Its easy for Gates, Jobs, or Branson, or whoever the fuck to tell young grads to "follow their dream
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. said: These fuckers have it made, they have all their needs taken care of, almost everything is delegated, and they basically make more money in a day that you'll make in a lifetime. It is easy for these guys to say "follow your dreams", and impressionable grads eat that shit up.

They took risks too.

Most entrepreneurs took risks to get where they are.

That is, except for bill gates. What he didn't get handed to him, he stole.

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Simple formula:

The richer you are the more corrupt you are.

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. said: And Gates is still pulling the wool over nearly everybody's eyes by essentially buying sainthood.

I'm not sure what Gates did wrong.  He didn't kill anyone.  He extracted a few more dollars out of a lot of people by creating a pseudo-monopoly on a very specific product - desktop operating system software.  It was hardly oil or rail, it was just a growth industry at the time.  It was all a rather smart move.  Other companies kill a dozen people and displace thousands to mine a billion dollars worth of tantalum or grow a billion dollars worth of bananas.  What Gates did was just plain smart and ethical and happened to be a rather good business move too.

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