Topic: Are you guys alphas or betas?
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How about stop fretting over ridiculous labels?  My story is kinda similar to one above.

I was shy as fuck (and quiet) until 12th grade, but thankfully I was blessed with good lucks.  Remember the stupid 12th grade shit in yearbooks with most popular, best looking, etcetera?  When I was in the 11th grade the girl who got voted best looking asked me out and tried flirting with me.  I had _no fucking idea_ how to respond and I think I just locked up and didn't say much.  I was also approached by other cute girls as a teenager and I just shut them down because I was all jittery and nervous and shit.  Never had a girlfriend even though I could have then.

12th grade I got a car, had more friends, and was invited to typical beer and alcohol filled parties with "cool kids."

I lost my virginity at 19 to a very pretty girl I dated for almost a year, who, incidentally, was also the first girl I ever kissed.

Throughout my 20s I dated sporadically but never had a problem finding a woman when I wanted one.

Now in my mid 30s it's easier than ever for me to get women, this is THE FUCKING PERFECT AGE for a man.  Women as young as 25-26 are interested in me.  I usually date my own age or plus or minus, though.  In the past year I've went out with a 29 year old, a 32, a 35, and a 40 who looked younger.  I use OKcupid and I've been asked out by women as young as 21, which I don't even accept.  I'm looking for a LTR with someone 26+, if not closer to 30.

I'm a decent and nice person.  I'm not an "alpha male" nor am I a "beta male."  Stop using these fucktarded aspie terms.  Make yourself interesting if you can't get women, that's the key.  I know GOOFY looking guys who date regularly and have even married very pretty women, and NOT because they're rich, but because they're interesting.

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lucks = looks above.


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Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me.

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