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You may have noticed that we've made a few minor modifications. Below is an outline and explanation in detail of the changes and features.

Registration now requires a valid and confirmed e-mail address to prevent abuse. Unregistered posting is still allowed, and works the same way as before.

Monikers are no longer required for registration. You may become a registered user and enjoy most of the benefits without registering a moniker. If you would like to register a moniker, you may do so at any time. Monikers with at least 100 posts on the old board have been saved, and can be added to your account during the registration process.

Post Ratings
We've added the ability to rate posts by pressing the + or - buttons located to the top right of each message. Please use this feature to vote up posts you find interesting, entertaining, and of overall good quality. Use it to vote down posts that contribute nothing to the discussion. Each registered user is allowed 100 votes per day. You may see how many votes you've got left by clicking 'My Account'.

Post Flagging
Certain users will be allowed to flag posts to suggest moderator review. Each user has a limited number of flags at their disposal. We recommend flagging posts which are against the rules.

Private Messaging
Private messaging now requires a minimum number of posts.

Safe Mode
The seldom-used safe URL has been removed. You may achieve the same result by turning off external images in settings.

All domains are now consolidated to

The old board is available as a read-only archive at

Everything else works similarly to the previous board.

Why the changes?
This is the result of a project started long ago to update the board. During the scoping process for adding new features, it was quickly discovered that the previous forum software was unworkable. In fact, the last programmer assigned to the project disappeared never to be seen again - leaving behind only a cryptic e-mail containing 'zxcxcxzcxzczxczxczxcxzcczxc'.

The decision was then made to go forward with new platform, sharing no code with the previous system. The result of this project is what you see today. We have already added a set of new features and improvements, and will continue to adjust and fine-tune the board with the goal of increasing the quality of the discussion as well as ease of use.

Bug Reports
Since this is a new board there are bound to be some glitches at first. We are already aware of some of them, and they will be addressed.

If you have an issue with the new layout, please take screencap and tell us what device you're using. You may email us at [email protected] and report bugs privately.

Posting only something like "this sucks" will be considered spam and handled as such.

We hope this board continues to be an entertaining experience for you, and as always, thanks for posting!

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