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10/4/2011 2:50 pm

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. said:YEAH! Mr.EuropeanElitist! why don't you tell us what really happened!!

IF i would know anything then i must have GOOD reasons not to say anything. You wouldn´t change my mind after just one sentence beseeching truth. Come on. I mean...that would be just too shitty, right? I would be bound by pledges, honor and ethics and perhaps even love to stay put. I would betray myself for nothing and hurt countless people...for nothing.

But that is only hypothetical. IF i would know something. I said: IF.
10/4/2011 10:58 am

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. said:I'm curious as to whether I could pick out a close-up pic of LL just raped pussy when compared to close-ups of five or six other just fucked snatches...It might be an entertaining little game to play...A bit of a different spin on websites such as "guess her muff" or "match that muff". You could call it "was she raped?" This thought is causing activity in my loins.

She is more than just a vagina man. You are more than just your penis. Try to see her in a more complex way please.

PS: IF that is your fantasy it is all right i guess. But try to seperate the fantasy from the NOT-Fantasy bit. Try to be a little bit more complex yourself. I know you can do it. You are no monster.
10/4/2011 10:55 am

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. said:I've been telling you for the last several pages that Logan is finished. she even said in a recent interview when asked about her future she said "not to get fired by CBS" she soiunded like she was kidding, but I don't think she was kidding. She should be in Afghanistan or Libya right now, not doing the micky mouse crap she's been doing. She's been pyschologically destroyed. Most likely within two years if not sooner, she will not be with CBS any longer. she obviously a liability.

Sounds like a challenge you are proposing. I bet 5 Million Drachme that within THIS year we will see her in some foreign country doing a report for 60 minutes. Within 12 months she will return to middle east (Afghanistan, Pakistan) or near east (northern africa and arabic countries) as a reporting foreign correspondent. Within 24 months she will return into a country where journalists are taking a huge risk being there.
10/4/2011 8:04 am

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nine said:How does this article not even mention Lara Logan?

- - -

ABC News foreign correspondent Clarissa Ward is jumping to CBS News. Ward will join CBS in December, where she will report from Kabul, Afghanistan for all of the CBS News platforms and shows, including the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes. Eventually she will be based out of CBS London bureau.

Ward had been based in Asia for ABC News, covering events such as the Japanese tsunami and Russian elections. She last appeared on ABC in July. Before joining ABC she was a correspondent for Fox News Channel where she covered the Middle East.

In a memo to staff this morning announcing the hire, CBS News president David Rhodes said that given the situation in the Middle East, the company would have two correspondents reporting from the region, adding that we are keeping that commitment until we see a significant change on the ground....


10/3/2011 9:49 pm

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The Rael Superjerk said: Just a nice little bow on their nice little story of feminine strength. REE do you honestly believe they couldn't prosecute people if they wanted? Doesn't that make her a coward?

If you only knew half...ahforgtet it. It´s okay. I am actually glad. I almost thought you were a good guy. It´s okay.

10/3/2011 9:03 am

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The rael Super Jerk said:True, anyone with money can hire a lawyer, file a case pending injunction and keep the video off the web while their complaint against the owner of said video is tied up in court and the legal fees grow to insane levels. But REE, I have never heard of right to your own picture when it's taken in a public place with no expectation of privacy.

You forgot the nature of the context. She would be expected to accept that she was being filmed and photographed taking interviews...but she would NOT be expected to accept being filmed and photographed while being raped. EVERY judge would rule in her favor. Seriously. Only because YOU walk in the streets that doesn´t mean that someone could walk by, grab you, rape you orally, someone films you and you are supposed to accept that without legal action.

The rael Super Jerk said:
The fact is, she would have not legal recourse against anyone who simply posted them on multiple sites. That is why I think some sort of backroom deal/blackmail was part of this. And Logan was complicit. I don't believe for one fucking second that they can't identify some of the fucks who grabbed her. I think she agreed not to expose her attackers and is being blackmailed with the images. The only people with the power to keep these images off the web is the Egyptian government. But if Logan identified attackers and maid a big public spectacle of what happened, images or her taking it in the rear would pop up every time I ordered Dominoes Pizza online. She is scared and ashamed, just like every other rape victim and wants her life back. These images would ruin her professionally, psychologically and personally. I think she agreed to keep the facts quiet to keep the pictures off the net.

Maybe you are seeing it too black and white. Suppose many onlookers have the pics. Could the egyptian governement suppress all of that even if they wanted to? NOt really. And what is blackmail but a bluff? I mean if they released the pictures egypt´s name would be smeared beyond relief especially if the government would be unveiled as part of the attackers. It is more a fragile situation with many nuances that are not entirely clear to us, LL, CBS, and even the egyptian government. In a matter of sense that shouldn´t have happened in that way at all. Because everybody is going to lose much if it hits the web. I mean everybody. Even the attackers.
10/3/2011 8:57 am

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. said:In a recent interview Logan said that 'living with her is like being handcuffed to a tornado, and I see a lot more tornadoes in the future'. Yet in her May 1st 60 minutes interview, she says that 'she is not an adrenaline junkee'. Is she delusional? or a bold-faced liar? She did what she did during the assault to stay alive for her children, yet she still plans on continuing her reckless behavior, Wow! she's a really good parent. some people just ask for their misfortunes.

If she is not a good parent than you have to take custody of every child that is born to a Policeman/woman, a firefighter, a soldier.

This is not going to happen dude.

And her statement was more a expression of her character. She is an adventurous spirit.
10/2/2011 1:48 pm

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. said:explain how owning a video of a public assault is illegal?
what law is broken?
what country?

I doubt it is, for example the beheading of nick burg video wasn't illegal.Nor the picture of Paris Hinton's exposed vagina isn't illegal in the states , Europe or by international law.

Just because it's gross doesn't mean it's illegal.

How does someone make money off of it?
fist copyright.
second since it will be illegally copied and posted immediately all over the net don't expect to sell it.
instead you host it on your own site with relevant banner ads.
See the point is to use it to drive traffic.
Use all the webmaster tricks and tips and The website is guaranteed enough traffic to be a success with this video.

RIGHT ON THE OWN PICTURE. That is a PERSONALITY LAW. With famous people being public there is a loophole BUT...not if it is highly humiliating for them.

But the problem is more POWER AND PLACE. Your suggestion puts a picture or video on a certain website. Therefore the aggrieved party would know EXACTLy where the footage is. Now if the party is very powerful and has lawyers at her/his disposal all they need to do is hurl lawyers at a particular site. Especially if you are american you are screwed but also if you are european. And copyright doesn´t mean anything really. Believe me lawyers laugh about copyright all the time. It doesn´t do anything in cases like this
10/1/2011 9:34 pm

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This is just the lacking of truth in your premises. This is the content examination of your argument.

But even more important (formal examination of your argument): I want to point out that the premise of your argument with 1. (the Nazi metaphor) is NOT leading to the conclusio at all. It is not linking, so to speak. The problem is furthermore that you used a GROSS warped metaphor that wasn`t even fitting to a past 65 years gone by (content examination of your premise) The metaphor and the conclusio don´t link because of that (formal examination of the whole inference)

Added to that we have really LOGIC problems:

That's what it must have seemed like for Mubarak loyalists and even for most protesters who saw her as an outsider trying to take credit for their movement. Nobody over there thinks it odd she got assaulted.

So Mubarak loyalists AND protesters were mad at her at the same time? That is resenting the law of contradiction: Something cannot be and un-be. Journalists were perceived as enemies by Mubarak loyalists but not by the protesters. But with the law of excluding the Third (there is only be and un-be not some third option) we have to take ONE option: Either she was the enemy of one or the other. If i were you i would take the Mubarak Loyalist. These were the people who were mad at her. If you change your crude metaphor to one that depicts western journalists as deeply critical of Mubarak and his goons then you would have a good inference: Because of the critical attitude of the western journalists toward the Mubarak regime she was targeted and assaulted and that was no surprise for the people there. Of course that would make her less a villain but more a heroine i guess.

10/1/2011 9:19 pm

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. said:1. Imagine if you will a top propoganda operative for the NAZI party circa 1944 with movie star looks but evil, superior, self-righteous. She shows up in a poor black and Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY on New Year's Eve wearing a bikini and her Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS officer's hat goose stepping all over the place in her NAZI war boots talking about how America needs to embrace fascism as a camera crew shines lights on her and looks on in smug delight. She cheers FDR's death. She praises Hitler. Then she farts on a picture of Jesus and starts dancing like Boyonce.

2. That's what it must have seemed like for Mubarak loyalists and even for most protesters who saw her as an outsider trying to take credit for their movement. Nobody over there thinks it odd she got assaulted.

You are beeing ILLOGICAL in the extreme. I will give you an explanation for my answer. I will answer with philosophy (Argumentationtheory). Everything i write here you can check with any philosopher I assure you 100%.

1. Your argumentation lacks in inference and deducation: Splitting your example i take 2. as conclusio of your inference and 1. as premise. Your inference was that LL was an outsider that deserved the assault. The conclusio was that her insolence was that she took credit for the protesters movement. The premises are all found on 1. That she is similar to a nazi and she does following:
1. she praises Hitler
2. She celebrates FDR´s Death
3. Farts on Jesus picture
4. and dances like beyonce

while she is doing all this she:

1. looks superior
2. evil
3. self-righteous
4. like a movie star

Firstly: Lara Logan NEVER

1. praised Mubarak
2. celebrated the death of protesters or an american
3. didn´t fart on Mohammeds picture
4. didn´t dance
5. didn´t wear a bikini clothing at all
6. never did praise Mubarak´s regime and basked smiling in the light of cameras

She is not:

1. looking superior at all (maybe in your imagination)
2. she is NOT evil (you must ground this with arguments: why do you believe her evil exactly)
3. self-righteous: (maybe you mix it up with courage and bravery)
4. movie star looks: RIGHT. This point is true 100%.
9/30/2011 3:49 pm

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The Real superjerk said:Hell no. If she was hanging there they would have showed her hanging there. You have to be in real good shape to climb that rock even with ropes. All she did was the voice over. I have to agree, she hasn't done any foreign/war reporting since this incident. I doubt they will fire her but she can't be the chief foreign news coorespondant if she is too afraid to leave the country. They will have to give her another job if she doesn't get over this soon.

Let´s wait until Sunday i think then we will know more how the story was produced. But your arguments are valid i guess. That rock looks mighty difficult.

She was in Afghanistan a few weeks (?) ago with the puppy and all that. She is testing the waters so to speak. I further believe she is still "bleeding" psychically so she shouldn´t attempt foreign/war correspondence yet anyway. It´s "only" seven months after the attack and if we all are correct about the exact nature and intensity of the assault seven months are barely enough to knit the worst psychological wounds together.

NOW the clock will begin ticking - let´s see what happens in the next coming months. Will she begin to overcome her reluctance travelling to foreign lands? How will she deal with possible danger in warzones? She needs plans and strategies to deal with that. She needs to think that through.
9/30/2011 9:19 am

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. said:The story is awesome, but shouldn't Lara be in Libya or Afghanistan? I think she has become CBS's dirty little secret, she can't cut it as a foriegn corrispondant anymore, but considering the situation, they can't fire her. so they give her these easy tasks such interviews and the rock climber. CBS execs are probably discussing when would be the best time to fire her? when will the "sympathy" awards stop? I'd say within two years easily.

Let´s wait. See how it goes. What interests me: How did they film the story about the rock climber? More specific: Was she one of the people at the line filming him? You can see some people at the rock climber`s left filming him. That is very important because that could be an indicator that she re-assures herself. One of the ways she can build confidence and acclimatizing herself again to danger and risk.

9/30/2011 8:55 am

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. said:She has quite a few options outside of straight journalism. It is quite plausible that they will make her the host of some kind of current events news interview program. She has the contacts. The network doesn't matter. People would watch the show.

If she leaves journalism altogether then debilitating PTSD seems a likely reason. If she stays in journalism but never travels then PTSD seems likely. If she stays in journalism and travels to everywhere but North Africa and the Middle East but does report on those regions then PTSD is still likely. If she never reports on Egypt again (never mind actually going there) then that gives credence to the secret police blackmail scenario. Time will tell.

The situation is more complex and has much more nuances then "just" PTSD. Concerning a return to Egypt the issue would be more SECURITY for her than real blackmail for example. She has already traveled to Afghanistan for a few days. I think she is checking the waters. Testing herself. Preparing and honing her new found courage. Then she will take more and more risks. But the Egypt scenario is more about security than everything else. Just look at how Al jazeera was ambushed - they "only" searched the office - by the egyptian police few days back and they weren´t identifying themselves and the "official" police didn´t want to help the reporters afterwards. Problem is that Lara is somehow a target for the egyptian police/security apparatus - dear tourists plz don´t go to egypt any time soon it´s for your own good - and that will be the main reason she will not go there. Syria is too bloody dangerous for ANYBODY right now and Libya is an option i think. It may be that she will test the waters there soon and if THAT goes well it will build her confidence. So i believe in short visits to boosten her confidence up with less and less security in mind. Her instincts are as sharp as ever she managed to stay out of serious hurting long enough before Tahir and the ambush on the tank. But Egypt will be the LAST country she will visiting i think. But that doesn´t mean i think she will never go there again. I believe it would be therapeutic to return to Egypt and get out there unscathed. It would be the final puzzle unit of her healing process.
9/29/2011 6:45 am

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. said:actually, not everyone pictures a hairy egyptian cock sliding in and out of her mouth. it's not everyone who can't focus on what she's saying. and for some of us the cock thing just adds drama to her considerable charms. of course i've always pictured every hot woman with a hairy egyptian cock sliding in and out of her mouth so it's business as usual for me. i'm saying let her keep reporting man. her life shouldn't be over because you're too childish to deal with what happened. she's dealing with it just fine. take some notes pal. what is it 1 out of every 3 women in america are raped or something? that means you work with or go to school with many women who have been raped. is that going to be a problem for you? are you going to be able to look that cashier in the eye knowing she got date raped? how about your mom? you know she gives your dad a bj every night. she does. how are you going to look her in the eye now? your mom sucks hard on your dad's wang every chance she gets. it's true man. women also poop.

Brutally honest but honorable and TRUE nonetheless. You are right 100%. Why the heck are we so inclined to DEGRADE women because of that? It´s like the mafia don who tells his button-man: "The mistress is for sucking my dick...but my wife...can you imagine your wife sucking your dick and then kissing your children goodnight?!"

People who are like that are having some unresolved issues concerning sex. YOU obviously have not. Congrats dude. Glad that you are here.
9/28/2011 7:58 pm

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Real Masked Truth said:
TruthSeeker. said:Returning to the theme of the media being able to suppress images and footage - here's another good example. There's been a big story here in the UK about two Brits being attacked on their luxury holiday in Kenya. They were attacked by Somali pirates and the husband, David Tebbutt was shot dead. The pirates have kidnapped his 56 year old wife, Judith and taken her. On Google, you can find pics' of David Tebbutt and his 25 year old son. BUT....you try and find any photo's of Judith Tebbutt. There is a complete media black-out!

Yes I have noticed that too Truthseeker for I been following this story as well and have found no images of her anywhere. The power of the man is strong indeed

But why should the images in her case be withheld? What possible REASON could be?
9/28/2011 7:56 pm

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. said:In many muslim countries Lara Logan would be honor killed by sharia courts for what she has done.


In some muslim countries Lara Logan would be honor killed by people for what was done to her.
9/28/2011 6:30 pm

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. said:Not everyone except you RealEuropeanElitist,you have no balls,just a lot of bullshit coming out of your mouth,when you don't have a dick in it.Lara don't have to listen to her boss or anyone else.There will be a lot more dicks waiting for her and for you too.

Bring it on buddy. You all talk and nothing more.
9/28/2011 4:22 pm

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. said:Lara went back against her bosses wishes,because she thought she had another award winning story for her personal achievements.But this everlasting award will stay with her forever,called "THE DICK UP THE ASS AWARD".No matter how many other awards she will get or receive this one will stick-up and stick-out her memory the most.[/quote

Grow some balls, man. Not everyone is groveling at his bosses feets.
9/28/2011 4:14 pm

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TruthSeeker. said:Returning to the theme of the media being able to suppress images and footage - here's another good example. There's been a big story here in the UK about two Brits being attacked on their luxury holiday in Kenya. They were attacked by Somali pirates and the husband, David Tebbutt was shot dead. The pirates have kidnapped his 56 year old wife, Judith and taken her. On Google, you can find pics' of David Tebbutt and his 25 year old son. BUT....you try and find any photo's of Judith Tebbutt. There is a complete media black-out!

Interesting. I heard from that story. The woman is still missing?
9/28/2011 7:20 am

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. said:answer is still NO! you seem like the type of guy who would rape someone while they were vulnerable. so get the fuck away from me.

Interesting. You sound so tame right now. No more: I would give not a shit about this and that. And: She deserved it and the like. And you sound almost compassionate: "would rape someone while they were vulnerable" Riiight. So vulnerable like a woman naked among a crowd of vicious cruel men. See? When you are lying bleeding and in shock in the street with the shattered remains of your legs in your lap then YOU ARE THE WOMAN NAKED AND VULNERABLE.

Think about it, Einstein.

9/28/2011 7:16 am

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CompassionBreak said:Could you maybe specify what makes you say that I am a bitch, btw. I am not just curious. I have a goal in life to make myself a better person, so any criticism is, please, welcome. (you might hear a load back from me, or get another :milton: from me, but still this is your chance to have me consider your views).

Well for my part i have to say that you are certainly NOT stupid. But the bitch part...YOU have a nasty side all right. But bitch would be too tame for that. I would call it SHE-WOLF. Sometimes you can be a dangerous She-Wolf. ;).
9/28/2011 7:14 am

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. said:C'MON! what planet are you on?? she's not high on herself, but goes to egypt dressed like a slut claiming to be the big war reporter. She was put back in her place in a hurry! whats her loafty goal? trying to keep cell phone video of herself getting taught a lesson in an alley somewhere. oh yeah! those are real lofty goals. she had potential, but now she is soiled goods, and basically finished!

She IS the big war reporter all right. And it is very easy to put anybody in "his or her" place with Torture and sexual degrading. I would like to see YOU performing in such a situation. You would be broken and weeping like a little baby too. Like I would too. Or Compassion. Or even a Six Team Navy Seal. So what? But look on her conduct AFTER THE ATTACK. Months later. I seriously doubt that YOU or I would be strong enough to go on like this. We would be sitting in our cellar all the time i guess rocking forth and back and weeping all the time.

CompassionBreak said:
You do not call fighting against racism, for example, or against Appartheid, to be noble goals? I certainly do.

You do not think that going against her bosses to bring viewers the information that she felt was important to brng to be a loafty goal? Or gutsy? Interesting... How could you miss that?

What potential do you think she had? ANd why would you say she is finished? Just look at the recent videos posted by Nine and others. How can a person be soiled goods? On th contrary: now every time she will comment on war, on violence against women, on Middle East -- I will listen with even more attention than before: the more first hand experience she has the the more reliable are her reports!

She is a fighter no doubt about it. I despise what happened to her because it was a crowd of people very probably even a deliberate attack by Egyptian Secret Police that perpetrated this crime. The very same people who would shit their pants when some Marines show up. GO figure! And instead of thematizing THAT all i hear in this board - with the exception of COmpassion and NIne and some others - are accusations against HER. Great. With citizens such as these the U.S. should import more south africans and east europeans to make up for that loss in balls.
9/27/2011 11:20 pm

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. said:I can't wait until they delete this thread. I wish I could be there to see you burst into tears.

They won´t.
9/27/2011 9:08 pm

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. said:truncheon or baton?

possible. But sounds weird.

Of course these are weapons used by POLICE.

Now what could THAT tell us?
9/27/2011 8:58 pm

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. said:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVtv4Ldx-eo&feature=related

Interesting. But nothing substantial. He doesn´t even cite the nationality of the two journalists.

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