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1/18/2012 5:29 pm

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nine said:http://blogs.desmoinesregister.com/dmr/index.php/2012/01/17/cbs-flying-ankeny-army-captain-to-n-y-c-for-national-awards-ceremony/

Cool gesture of Lara to Hintz. Kudos to her and to him!
1/17/2012 3:18 pm

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. said:Why isn't Vivid Entertainment all over this Lara Logan rape tape?

Because Real Rape is a crime and therefore not porn material? Wake up, man.
1/16/2012 7:07 pm

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. said:http://www.news.com.au/world/the-arab-spring-one-year-after-the-fall-of-the-first-leader/story-e6frfkzi-1226243550303

In January 2012 Logan returned to the Middle East, reporting on US brothers fighting alongside each other. However she says she can't imagine ever returning to Egypt.

Egypt will always be a scar in her memories. She probably doesn't even go to any Egyptian restaurants or anything that has to do with Egypt. This song probably drive her crazy and make her go into shock.


Well...there are not any Egyptian restaurants! There is simply nothing coming out of Egypt anyway. And i do not think she is a Pyramide Sightseer or loving the beaches at Sharm El Sheikh.

I want her to return to Egypt in triumph and Glory. But even if that never happens due to her PTSD or security reasons...she would not miss very much there. And the song is nice ;) I like it. It is from a western band and that tells everything you need to know about the relationship West and Egypt.
1/16/2012 4:06 pm

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nine said:She was a role model before this happened. Sometimes, like maybe when you get into a fight with two hundred men, all you have to do to be considered a "role model" is to survive, to not let them destroy you. She not only survived, she got back up to report the news. She spoke out. She's done a lot.

Yeah. I second that.
1/15/2012 8:57 pm

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. said:http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/cbs-lara-logan-i-have-very-big-responsibilities-to-live-up-to_b106997

What responsibility? How is she a role model?

I understand your grievances. Do i find some of what happened very much lacking in certain areas? Yes.

But she is coming clean little by little. She has now - read the article - voiced that she believes that Egyptian secret service was behind HER attack. She did not claim so mere months or weeks before. That in itself is really a BOMB. An US ally that gets much military aid and is a tourist hotspot has used its own secret service to gang rape a famous and widely known western journalist. That is really a bomb. It is not something to scoff at.
She is more a role model for sexual assaulted journalists (mainly women) who walk the line between keeping their jobs and stating that they were raped. Now many of these foreign correspondents go to countries that are no help whatsoever in bringing their attackers to justice. So...it is not something she could be a role model to. Because it would not make sense anyway. You cannot really bring a russian para military soldier to justice. You cannot really bring a Somalian Pirate to Justice. You cannot really bring a Taliban Fighter to Justice. You cannot really bring a Sudanese arab cavarly rider to Justice. You cannot really bring a Angola Soldier to Justice.

The horrible truth is that most of the attackers of foreign correspondents will not be tackled. They go free. And their bosses and commanders too. So it is not her job to really force the issue in that regard. Her mission should be to awake the awareness how difficult it is to speak about it and how problematic the consequences are for her and for other raped journalists.

What i would wish from Lara Logan is to openly state how enormous difficult her PTSD was. I mean how PTSD works and how difficult it was for her to work in the last year. I think THAT is important. Because many people do not know shit about what a rape victim has to go through and that must change. NOW. That is much more important than to try to get the attackers arrested which would not happen anywhere as Egypt very much shows us.

PS: she is a role model just for being what she is: OUTSPOKEN and STILL she has her career. Even after what happened in Egypt. She is still up there having her career and her fans and her work.

THAT is really the role model function she has.

1/15/2012 5:42 pm

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. said:http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/rare-tomb-woman-found-egypt-valley-kings-15365693#.TxMGHZffiSo

Must have received a brutal and sustained sexual assault for being a Jew and ally of Moses.

Read the article.

We can safely assume that the mentioned woman had not been sexually humiliated by employees of the Pharaoh because she was member of a famed tribe and helped a world famous protester.

All evidence points toward her being a famous singer in the tradition of SHAKIRA or BEYONCE or ADELE or OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN.

She had many fans. That is why she was buried in a royal tomb.
1/14/2012 11:39 pm

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. said:Never!


Oh merciful god in heaven...!
1/14/2012 11:51 am

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. said:http://www.almasryalyoum.com/en/node/599926

O.K Egypt, you know what needs to be done. Where is the Lara Logan video?

I love this: "This is a flagrant violation of the sanctity of the Afghani martyrs, and it is shocking to the most basic principles of human civilisation," a senior adviser to grand imam of Al-Azhar told Reuters.

What the fuck does "Martyrdom" have to do with the most basic principles of human civilization? Please explain senior adviser to grand imam.

"This shows the emptiness and the absence of the values of the civilisation that those aggressors belong to," the Al-Azhar adviser said, quoting Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayyeb, the grand imam.

What the fuck do the actions of a few have to do with the values of the civilization they belong to? So with THAT logic in mind the abuse and rape of Lara Logan does indeed prove the emptiness and the absence of the values of the egypt-arab civilization?

My Conclusio: Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayyeb is an Idiot. He cannot argue. His logic is flawed. He contradicts himself at every turn. I shudder at the thought of his fatwas. They must be ripe with mistakes and horrible inept thinking.

PS: I am glad nonetheless that i am writing anomyously because due to the great values of the great arab civilization i would probably be suicide-bombed out of my bed for writing this.

1/13/2012 11:19 pm

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. said:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm1szsMkXRY

O.K Arabs, you got our gift. When are we going to receive your gift, the Lara Logan assault footage.

She is looking lovely and beautiful and very competent in the video. I liked her arguments and how she presented it. She looks more relaxed overall.

Nice to see that CBS did react very well with getting her to give her statement about what happened with the marines and the dead taliban fighters.

1/13/2012 8:39 pm

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The reel superjerk said:Pissing on the body of a fallen enemy is dishonorable. But worse things happen in war. Homer teaches us to respect our fallen foes when the gods punish Achilles for his treatement of Hector's corpse. But Hector was the champion of Troy, a noble prince, a worthy enemy. Let us not forget that the taliban are terrorists who supported the mass murder of civilians in New York City and Washington DC. They routinely film the decapitation of captured westerners. They have more in common with suitors Odysseus slaughtered in his living room than any fallen hero on the battlefield.

Okay i admit it citing homer for an premise is cool.

The reel superjerk said:
We pull young men out of high school and send them off to the worst places in the world to defend ideals and political strategies that they cannot even understand. They are barely more than children.

I know. But that is how it is: You do not wage wars with an all voluntary army. You can crush enemies on the battlefield like in Desert Storm but you cannot occupy shit. For occupying you need manpower. And that is only achievable by mandatory service.

My first words on 9/11 to the american public would have been: Ladies and Gentlemen. Due to the horrific and in no way provoked attack on 2000 civilians we are in a state of war against Islamic terrorists mainly stationed in Afghanistan.

Thus i am forced to evoke mandatory military service for every U.S. Citizen between the age of 18 and 30 male and female. There will be no exceptions but the military will use special talent as needed when you have a college degree or some other useful skill.

Overnight the USA would have had an army of 10 Million+ Soldiers something to dwarf even the capacity of World War II. With that the west would have had the resources to re-manage every country from Marokko to the borders of Pakistan. The War would have lasted perhaps four years but then it would have been done. The professional soldiers would have defeated everything on the ground and the conscripts would have swarmed every village and alley.

But noooo....we send ONLY voluntary specialists and then wonder why we cannot hold Iraq and Afghanistan!

1/13/2012 2:27 pm

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CompassionBreak said:http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505263_162-57358501/lara-logan-video-a-gift-for-the-taliban/
Great minds think alike. Just kidding.

You...inspire...Lara Logan...?! WOW. O O
1/12/2012 9:42 pm

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. said:http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/capitol/obama_angelina_and_lara_2ZfG6YgE3K7WA3YgKeHOlN

If the President is so concerned about violence against women and he just has to talk to a celebrity about it, why doesn't he actually talk to someone who actually has some firsthand experience, like say "60 Minutes" reporter Lara Logan who was raped in Cairo covering the Egyptian "Spring"?

Because Egypt is an Ally of the U.S.

Yeah it smacks of superficiality. Jolie should speak with Lara Logan and the two should pour resources together. YOu are right Lara has firsthand experience in what sexual violence really is and means for a woman. But it is not a very "glamorous" topic to be sure.

1/12/2012 8:38 am

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. said:RAPED

I know it is a hard time for you now but we can help you. There is support for rape victims such as you. Now you went and did the first step to healing: acknowledging the fact that you were assaulted. It is time to accept professional help. With that you will overcome your PTSD. Plz believe me when i say EVERYONE here will help you tackle the setbacks you may encounter.

1/11/2012 11:54 pm

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. said:http://www.seattlepi.com/ae/tv/tvguide/article/The-Biz-Person-of-Interest-Lara-Logan-2469230.php

"Hopefully that gives people a better sense of who they're sitting down with. Because I think you're always more comfortable when you feel you know someone."

Hopefully the person she's interviewing doesn't have a strange grin trying to imagine what could have been done to her.

People like you are the reason she is not telling what happened in all details. It is just not possible with men like you around. I do not understand you. I mean do you believe that people are having strange grins imagining ex soldiers in front of them walking over exploded corpses? Or do you believe someone would have a strange grin when sitting in front of the wheelchaired victim of a car accident?

But i give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you did not mean your statement as cynical as it arrived.

"They have seen me down in my lowest moment, and they'll have their own sense of how I dealt with that," she says. "Hopefully that gives people a better sense of who they're sitting down with. Because I think you're always more comfortable when you feel you know someone. I hope that helps.
I really want this [show] not to be superficial, because I hate superficial. I really do hate it."

Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/ae/tv/tvguide/article/The-Biz-Person-of-Interest-Lara-Logan-2469230.php#ixzz1jCHJrlAX
1/11/2012 5:54 pm

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The reel superjerk said:
. said:Islam is still a medieval religion that supports the concepts of religious wars against it's "opponents". No modern religion does this. The fact that *some* mosques will say they don't preach violence while the others are quiet on the matter is disturbing.

Islam should be labelled a violent cult and outlawed until the violence is removed from it's core beliefs.

We should get the ATF to surround all mosques in America and demand that they pack up their rape culture and go back to Abu Dhabi or what back water hell hole they come from. That's what America is all about. That's what John Adams and Paul Giamati would want us to do.

America fuck yeah.

EVEN IF Islam is like this - i am not discussing this right now - it is 100% impossible to ship every muslim back to muslim countries without staging a second Shoa or Holocaust. The same problem in Europe.

1/11/2012 12:22 am

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The Reel Superjerk said:Aisha was Muhammad's nine year old wife. We are not allowed to talk about her . They like to pretend that Islam was a liberating force for woman though in truth all facts both ancient and modern paint a life of servitude and sexual objectivism for women in the Islamic world. I can't overstate the inherent misogyny of that culture. And it goes right back to the big guy. Why would a prophet of god put forth a holy script about polygamy? To get more sex for himself and his most loyal followers. That's it... Islam and Mormonism were invented to get their prophet's laid. I want to start a faith called Superjerkism were all the women can only have sex with Superjerk. David Koresh had a divine mandate from god that gave him that that little boon.

Well the problem is in Mohammeds time polygamy AND polytheistic religions existed in abundance. Many religions had the possibility of keeping multiple wifes or concubines or whores without punishment.

There were religions with sex-gods and sex-goddesses. The problem with Islam is that they have very strong sex elements in their religion but on the other side they are feeling forced to negate that. That is the real problem. Its not the misogyny per se. Its more the sexual side of human nature and the human body that is kinda negated through the womans body.

1/11/2012 12:10 am

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The Reel Superjerk said:All the scenes with her in them are filmed indoors in a controlled environment. It's good to see her out and about. It's a good step in the right direction but she is still afraid. The psychology of returning to that part of the world has got to be overpowering. There are similar smells and sounds. The look of the men and the crowds. These things must frighten her on many levels.

Yes it does. But It isnt NEAR EAST. Afghanistan is almost far east...

Actually there she may be in a kind of comfort zone. This is something she understands very well. I do not think she understood Egypt so well like she does Afghanistan and Iraq.

But i agree she must be still suffering hell even with serious therapy going on for almost a year now. Our brave reporter. She fights!
1/10/2012 10:25 pm

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. said:http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/10/opinion/ghitis-egypt-islamists/index.html

A picture of the women who saved Lara Logan.

:) well maybe! who knows? LOL. That was actually funny without hurting anyone!
1/10/2012 10:19 pm

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Real Masked Truth said:Well you must also figure that the person who wrote that blog article took all of it from the fat kid video but was specific about bearded man and which nipple that was suppose to have bitten off. Again that was in the fat kid video and it would appear the only arab sites and videos he did see was youtube and the fat kid video. I hold no stock in the blog and think it is trying to make fun of both the rape and muslim religion

Indeed. The person is a hemorrhoid that thinks he is a man.
1/10/2012 7:48 pm

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. said:This line says it all really:

"Lara is 39 years old. In his heydays, the Prophet would not touch a 39 year old captured woman with a ten foot pole, let alone with his six-incher. Prophet was very selective in his choice of captured women. He liked very young meat. Judging from his fondness of sexual activities with 6 year old Aisha, one can safely say that he always chose very young girls as part of his booty.

So basically he's a pedo?

pedo is a word. I am not trying to defend anyone here least of all Islam but we are speaking of a time 1400 years ago. You know...there were still Dinosaurs around who ATE people back then...

1/10/2012 7:17 pm

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Real Masked Truth said:Well I can see your point but if your relaying an histical fact to the public to showcase your current story lines then you should have the facts correct because that is what a journalist is paid for. What little they did say about the Sullivans should have been correct for they only touched on it but to touch on it in a incorrect way really kills the story you plan on telling after the blurb

I acknowledge the logic behind your argument yeah. Lara is more the expert in Infantry/Ground Forces warfare. Naval matters may be her wrong spot and so either a) her team messed up (happens) and she didn't countercheck it or b) it was more a decision based on the funny sounding word "cruiser". I give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was more a wrong decision based on HOW the words are sounding when spoken out. The german word for Cruiser is btw Kreuzer. NOw i am entirely sure that almost nobody in Germany knows what type of warship it does represent. But if you say Schlachtschiff (battleship) everyone puts Schlacht (Battle) and Schiff (ship) together and hey presto!

I do not know. But honestly this "mistake" is not FEELING like a horrible mistake or something REALLY embarassing.
1/10/2012 7:06 pm

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. said:
. said:
RealEuropeanElitist said:
. said: We can assume everything happened to her. Still, as I've stated over 14,673 times both on this board and mumbling to myself, i am glad that she made it through the ordeal.

fixed for accuracy


Okay i admit this was funny!
1/10/2012 12:32 pm

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. said:They must have heard that she surrendered to the sexual assault. All those long days of deployment without a single female. I wonder what happened after the interview.


Nothing. They kinda joked and laughed and had a good time. The soldiers are boys...she was more the elder sister or mother visiting them.

I rather thing they saw her as a common veteran and less a sex object like you do.
1/10/2012 11:02 am

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. said:http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=lara+logan+got+fisted&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

Ah shaddup.
1/10/2012 9:08 am

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. said:http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18560_162-57354700/marine-brothers-siblings-serving-in-afghanistan/

Wow! look at some of the comments. I especially like this one:

"Tell Laura Logan to get her facts straight when doing a story. To screw up the type of ship the Sullivan brothers were killed serving on is either laziness or profoundly disrespectful to them and the men who died with them. Especially mouthing errant information in the intro to a story...that speaks to fundamental work ethic and credibility."

The "mistake" is easily explained. The Sullivan brothers did duty on a Cruiser NOT a battleship that is true. But...the problem is that in most recent decades the battleship has vanished to be replaced by the cruiser as the largest surface combat ship. In WW II that was different. Now very few civilians know the exact difference between dreadnought battleship, battle-cruiser, armored cruiser, cruiser and the like.

What is the difference between saying Battleship instead of Cruiser? A Cruiser sounds strange. For a military expert it is immediately clear what a cruiser is and what a cruiser is capable of. But for the average non military a cruiser is a word devoid of any meaning.

So...being a journalist doing a report where you kinda use the info for the intro what do you do? Every Picture and word counts. So...you say to yourself: Battleship sounds like BATTLE. It has also more dramatic undertone. As a kind of category for ALL warships you could use it. The civilian will get the idea. Only the naval experts would probably be confused and criticize the decision.

Plus: The information how the Sullivans died was also very abridged. The Sullivan brothers were really only the intro to the persons now serving the USA in Afghanistan. It was not meant to be a report on the Sullivans.

PS: She is LARA NOT LAURA. The guy who was so angered by the mistake with the warshipclass and then he did a similar mistake. So much for pedantry.


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